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Philosophical Learning Applied To Online Surroundings in EU – PLATO’S EU project aims to respond to the needs identified by the European Union for a more cohesive and inclusive society, with greater integration of its citizens embracing their active role in democratic life, as well as the urgent need for adjustment to the new and unexpected ways of life caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The intention of the project is to offer a way to respond to the demand of developing open society through the use of innovative practices. Proposed acronym of the project, PLATO’S EU, also serves as a possessive noun, carrying behind it the idea that European Union was built on the philosophical, cultural, and social heritage with the continuous tradition spanning all the way to the Ancient Greece. The idea of the project is to utilize this philosophical legacy and adapt it to contemporary context – to go back to the roots of democracy (and consequently to the roots of the EU) in order to revise the sole basis of deliberative processes. The main idea behind the philosophy is to teach people how to think, and not what to think. Similarly, challenges of digital age can be more steered in the direction of how to use resources properly, and not what resources to use. Thus, the project will combine philosophical heritage with contemporary needs through reciprocal union – using digital resources to teach philosophy, and using philosophy to cope with the challenges of digital era.

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